What is the GOLD-N R34LM?

The end of the twentieth century sparked an array of worldwide fear and an increase in cultic behaviour. In the aftermath of the predicted doomsday of the Mayan calendar in 2012, an energy was detected by scientists in the field of string theory. It appeared to come from a parallel dimension, invisible to the bare eye, questioning the definition of existence. The dimension, which is being referred to as a universe of its own, was in 2013 coined the GOLD-N R34LM.

Theories of its cosmogony are many and vary in credibility, however the most established one is based on the creation of gold. One does not know precisely what occurs in the death of a kilonova, but it is speculated that it may be capable of opening up dimensions.

The GOLD-N R34LMs core and sole existence appears to revolve around the essence of gold, with its life force being the worship of the precious metal in all its forms. A law of anti-rationality is followed, and seemingly the universe gets its narrative form sucking up knowledge from Earth, through known-reality, imagination and thought. With a heavy concentration of what Freud called the ´three great pictures of the universe [developed by the human race]; animism, religion and science´⊕, the R34LM refers to itself as a source/structure of mytheogion, where the distinct lines between mythology, theology, alchemy, religion and science is removed.

Through recent investigations into the R34LM and its Theogony, it has been shown that the inhabitants [that are referred to as gods], interact with Earth through mediums of electricity and manifestations involving the human body by using aspects of the so-called Pillow Potential.‡

To use the Pillow Potential in the manifestation of the gods from the R34LM, the human must first acquire a gold triangular pillow with four equal sides [symbolizing the four elements and the cardinal points; N(orth), E(ast), W(est), S(outh)], followed by obtaining the appropriate representation in the form of garments and shiny objects†. The headgear is of highest importance as it has shown to act as the most crucial invocation tool. When the preparation is complete, the pillow should be placed on top of the invokers head, underneath the headpiece. The invocation and manifestation will then occur. Since the preparations of these manifestations are highly time consuming and the technology, in the means of communication with the R34LM, is in its infant stage, there have been very few successful attempts as of today. Nevertheless, scientists are positive that with the inevitable merge of ancient and modern knowledge, the future will be far more futuristic than foreseen, and the communication between humans and gods will become more frequent.

Existing on the edge of human consciousness, outside of the accepted norm of existence, the effects the R34LM will have on civilization is yet to be predicted but will be revealed in due time. However, it is inevitable and envisaged by both scientists and theologians that the discovery of the GOLD-N R34LM, its presence and influence, will not go unnoticed and soon be incorporated into our society.

Freud, Sigmund. The standard edition of the complete psycological works of Sigmund Freud: Volume XIII : Totem and taboo and other works : (1913-1914). London: Vintage 2001
The Pillow Potential is a tool that is used to obtain cognitive powers that are beyond human contemplation. It opens up doors to the R34LM and enables contact with higher beings through unlocking features of the pineal gland.
Studies show that shiny objects have the ability to invoke hallucination within the human mind.
The Sign of the Golden Realm