Kornelia Remø Klokk (b. 1989, Norway) is a visual artist based in Oslo, Norway. Her work draws on references from posthumanism, speculative fiction and escapism, where she explores the intersection between belief, culture, reality/truth and technology. Through a loop of mythopoesis, worlding and constructed reality, she creates environments where comfort and familiarity appeals to the viewer and lures them into a realm of the unknown, where the visual consumer goes through endless fragments of meaning and meaninglessness in the search for interconnectivity.

A central part of Klokk´s practice is the G0LD-N R34LM; a fictional reality where its essence and true life force is the precious metal gold in all its forms; metaphorical, metaphysical, symbolic and materialistic. It functions as a living organism of ideas, exploration and mythopoesis in constant development. It is used as a tool to step away from the human hierarchy, by using elements from posthumanism and speculative environments to bind together multiple dimensions into an interconnected web, where all the elements are simultaneously singular and conjoined; morphed into a continuous loop of creation. It is an exercise in fictioning and world-building.

She works mainly with textile, video and multimedia installastions, blending aspects of traditional craft with technology.