Kornelia Remø Klokk

b.1989 – Norway

Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Drawing on references from pop culture, conspiracy theory, mythology/theology and escapism, Kornelia Remø Klokk question the concept of reality and truth, through creating environments where comfort and familiarity appeals to the viewer and lures them into a realm of the unknown, where the visual consumer goes through fragments of meaning and meaninglessness on a quest for interconnectivity.

Her main project is The Golden Realm: a parallel dimension which revolves around the true essence and vitality of the precious metal GOLD in all its forms: metaphysical, metaphorical, symbolic and materialistic.

The communication between humanity and The Golden Realm consists of manifestations of gods, objects and visual glimpses into the universe in the form of films, sound, 2D works and installations.


Selected press:

SUBJEKT.NO | Anmeldelse av Master i Billedkunst avgangsutstilling 2018 (Norwegian)