Kornelia Remø Klokk

b.1989 – Sykkylven, Norway.

Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.

Kornelia Remø Klokk´s work draws on references from pop culture, conspiracy theory, mythology and escapism, where she explores the intersection between belief, culture, reality/truth and technology. Through a loop of mythopoesis, worlding and constructed reality, Klokk creates environments where comfort and familiarity appeals to the viewer and lures them into a realm of the unknown, where the visual consumer goes through fragments of meaning and meaninglessness on a quest for interconnectivity. This is presented in the form of textile, video, multi-media installastions and 2-dimentional works.


Selected press:

SUBJEKT.NO | Anmeldelse av Master i Billedkunst avgangsutstilling 2018 (Norwegian)