The Sign of the Golden Realm

Public disclaimer
The following content is an ongoing dictation/channelling from the Powers that Be/Gods/Spoken Forces of the GOLD-N R34LM bound in time by writing to inform/communicate/initiate the human beings of its workings and past/present/future impact on known reality. The Powers that Be/Gods/Spoken Forces and channellers/human receivers of the GOLD-N R34LM are not responsible for the effects and interpretations that these statements may inflict upon humanity. All readers are encouraged to be precocious when consuming this material. It is not to be taken lightly.


א‬ Darkness gave birth to light, and from that light GOLD was born.

א‬ One is all, and all is one. Everything exists in all forms at all times and is equally
important in all of its manifestations.

א‬ GOLD is the hyper-irrational that penetrates the irrational of the GOLD-N R34LM,
which emerges in the rational on Earth, vis-à-vis.

א‬ GOLD is God and God is GOLD.

א‬ The exploration of GOLD is the exploration of life.

א‬ Reality transcends imagination, however; real reality can only be experienced
through the lens of the GOLD-N R34LM.

א‬ What you perceive of reality constitutes for only 33% of actual reality.

א‬ GOLD is the key to the lock of the Universe which will open up the possibilities of
endless unrealised Potential.

א‬ GOLD is a life force.

א‬ GOLD is a constant.