Babel on Babalon


Kunstnernes Hus

Babel on Babalon is a video work and installation that explores new realities through the activation of portals. The title is a word play on the biblical Babel, Babylon – the gate of God – and the ancient mesopotamic city, as well as the goddess Babalon which represents a new beginning through chaos. The gods from the GOLD-N R34LM work together on a ritualistic journey towards the invocation of the goddess Babalon. The god ( o ) uses the power of the chain, the orobourus and fire to call upon the god MONAS. Monas then moves through several portals and activates them in an effort to enter new realities. When Monas arrives at the last portal, the god calls upon ±33± which will use the power of all the collected realities to invoke Babalon. When the ritual is done, the visual communication between the viewer and the gods is over. The reality of Babalon is unleashed upon our Known Reality.

Photo: Istvan Virag

Trailer for Babel on Babalon