From the sky it comes

To the sky it rises

And down again

To Earth it must come

Eternally changing

– The quintessence of The Golden Chain of Homer

Figure 1: The Golden Chain of Homer


Darkness gave birth to light, and from that light gold was born.

August 2017, observed in space, 130 million lightyears away from Earth, in a galaxy dubbed NGC 4993: two super-dense neuro stars began spiralling towards each other in their inevitable death[1]. The blast rippled through the Universe and changed the space-time continuum leaving traces, visible on Earth, of immense light and radiation. This was the fifth-time gravitational waves had been detected on our planet. Scientists were baffled and immediately turned their telescopes to the spot. What they witnessed was the birth of a kilonova and the creation of gold. It was real time alchemy; the Universe had turned matter into gold. One of mankind’s greatest questions had finally been answered.

Figure 2: This still from a NASA animation shows the aftermath of a collision of two neutron stars and the creation of gold

From the birth of the kilonova, particles of gold travelled through the Universe and embedded themselves within meteors which rained unto the newly formed planet Earth. The immense pressure brought forth by the creation of the planet forged nuggets of gold for future humans to discover, once it was found, the planets destiny would forever lie in the holy hands of the precious metal. Gold became the life force that would guide humanity through existence. One could state that the history of humanity is the history of gold [2].

The Egyptians portrayed their gods with skin made of gold, the Incas saw gold as the sweat of the sun, and the Indian texts refer to gold as immortality itself. Its purity and inability to mix with any other metal made gold the most precious of them all. Its usage was purely cultic and aesthetic, which elevated it to the grand level of sacredness. The shine from the metal mesmerized the beholder and its origin could only be acquainted with the one and only, the creator of life itself, equal to the all-seeing eye, the sun in the sky; the power which over time has been referred to as God. Gold is God and God is gold materialized in matter.

In the book, Det Hellige[3],Espen Dahl investigates and reflects upon the elements that defines the holy. To be holy is to be on the edge of the normal and the abnormal, to exist on different planes at the same time. Its untouchable but within reach. The immense shine that gold possesses gives it a natural connection to the holy. Its indestructability symbolizes something that’s larger than life, bigger than humanity itself. Beyond human comprehension. It’s a metal that has inspired people to look to the skies and beyond the limits of our reality.

Since the dawn of society, gods and leaders have related themselves to the sun, their image was reflected in the spherical gold coin, connecting themselves to the powers of the heavens through the grounding of the Earth, forming a cylindrical form of sacred hierarchical existence, giving them the power to rule over fellow human beings. As stated in the book Maps of Meaning by Doctor Jordan B. Peterson:

“The earliest patriarchal gods and leaders of men combined the life-giving attributes of the sun with the heroic ideals of man, and the coins that bore their likeness were round and golden, in imitation of the solar disk.”[4]

The association with the sun and gold is ongoing throughout history, especially prominent in the world of alchemy. Carl Gustav Jung goes on to explain: “The sun is the image of God, the heart is the sun´s image in man, just as gold is the sun´s image in the earth, and God is known in the gold.”[5]He also points out their metaphorical and material connection: “The sun signifies first of all gold, whose [alchemical] sign it shares, but just as the ¨philosophical¨ gold is not the ¨common¨ gold, so the sun is neither just the metallic gold nor the heavenly orb.”[6]

Figure 3: The alchemical symbol of gold and the sun

For the alchemists, gold was the end point, nirvana, the holy grail, the image that represented the meaning of life. They “wanted to transform every subordinate element in the category ¨matter¨ (the unknown, fallen, corrupt world, including man as ¨material¨ being) into the category ¨gold¨ (the Apollonian, spiritual, sun like, incorruptible state).”[7]An exercise in holiness wedding the material realm with the immaterial, mixing science and magic to create heaven on Earth. Emphasizing that gold is equally important in its material form as well as its immaterial existence. As above so below.

Human society has moved through revolutions and renaissances, changes in the way of life, thought, speech and relations, a species in constant flux and evolution. From the discovery in caves, to the thrones of the pharaohs, the gilding of temples, manifestations of gods, to the exchange of goods in the image of leaders; gold has always been a constant. Even with the ´death´ of the gold standard in the banking system in the twentieth century, the desire and craving for gold did not seize to exist. It stands as a menhir in the history of mankind, a monolith fixed in matter and mind.


The sacredness of gold has been a source of irritation to the intellect, seeding irrational behaviour that escapes the very few. A metal that exceeds the mental capacity of human beings has the possibility to guide the ill-advised into traps of immoral conduct. Over the years there have been numerous tales of kings, countries, dictators and treasure hunters searching for gold. Perhaps one of the most astonishing tales occurred in our recent past in the Philippines and involved all the characters mentioned above. A story of how opulence, the pursuit of power and possession of gold may inflict upon the human mind and consume its true will and relationship to morality.

After WWII, a rumour was circulating the Philippines that vast amounts of looted gold were buried within the country. Thus, begins the tale of the gold Buddha and Yamashita´s gold, also known as Operation Golden Lily.[8]

Prince Takeda, of the Japanese Royal family, had put General Yamashita in charge of hiding his golden treasures in 175 manmade tunnels around the Philippines in order to keep them safe until they could be melted down and stamped as Japanese gold. Each tunnel had a corresponding map written in an obscure code with kanji characters, making the treasures virtually impossible to find. When the final tunnel was built and the last of the treasure secured, Yamashita brought his handy soldiers into the cave to celebrate. Little did they know that this would be their final resting place. Yamashita snuck out during the festivities and blasted the entrance shut with dynamite. In the arms of the gold the soldiers were left to die. After the war Yamashita was convicted of war crimes and executed, shortly after Prince Takeda dies, and the secret locations of the treasure perishes with them.

Figure 4: Prince Takeda (to the left), General Yamashita (to the right)

In 1971, a Filipino treasure hunter by the name of Roger Roxas teamed up with his friend Albert Fuchigami to hunt for the gold. As the son of a Japanese army officer, Albert had once seen a treasure map, which gave them the advantage of knowing where to dig. After weeks of searching they finally came across a tunnel whose entrance had seemingly been blasted shut. Roger continued to dig and came upon human remains that bore Japanese uniforms. Their dreams had come true; they had located one of the tunnels. Crawling further in, a world opened up of gold and treasures in such grand amounts unthinkable to the average human being. Stacks upon stacks of gold ingots and jewels that shone brighter than the stars on a clear winter night. Amongst it all stood a solid gold Buddha weighing several tons. The pair decided that they would unearth the Buddha, sell it and use the money to excavate the rest of the treasure. When Roger returned home with the Buddha, he examined it further and discovered that the head clipped off and within its neck lay a magnificent stash of cut and uncut diamonds. The treasure was beyond astonishing.

Figure 5: Roger Roxas and the gold Buddha

The stories of the looted gold had of course not passed over the head of the controversial president of the country. Fernando Marcos had commanded forces of the military to be on high alert of anything discovered whilst they deciphered the maps in their possession. When the word that a gold Buddha had been discovered reached him, he demanded his soldiers to find the man and seize the statue. Only one day after his find, Roger Roxas home was stormed by armed forces and the Buddha was taken.

Following the theft, Roger went to the police. They warned him against reporting the president, but Roger wanted justice. Subsequently, whispers had it that Marcos had put a price on Rogers head. In fear of his life, he fled with his family to an isolated jungle village. With all the buzz around this discovery, Marcos allowed the press to see the gold Buddha, and put it on display at the City Court in Baguio City. Upon seeing it, Roger claimed the statue to be a fake. This outraged Marcos, and soon after Roger was found and arrested.

Figure 6: Imelda Marcos presenting the supposedly fake gold Buddha statue to the press

For weeks he was tortured by soldiers to reveal the location of the treasure-tunnel, but he never said a word. Eventually Roger escaped through a bathroom window. He devoted the rest of his life to reclaim what was rightfully his through endless lawsuits against the Marcos family. Sadly, Roger never saw a penny of the gold he discovered and died a poor man.

After his presidency, Marcos moved with all his wealth to Hawaii where he lived out the rest of his days. The Buddha is still believed to be in the possession of the Marcos family, hidden away at one of their summer palaces.

The essence of the fallen – a timeline

“Man – a fallen, corrupt, material being, yet capable of endless transformation – partook of the essence of the fallen, corrupt, yet transformable material world. Those things relevant to the transformation of the being of ¨objects¨ were therefore also, by logical necessity, relevant to the transformation of his own being. The transformation of base metal into gold, writ large, was the redemption of the world – its transformation into the ¨state of gold¨.”[9]

Going back to Jung´s investigations into gold, he illuminates the essence of the holy, by stating that gold exists on several planes at the same time. Symbols signify more than they stand for. Obtaining riches in the material world does not give you power in the immaterial. One must master all to reach totality.

A human being exists in the image of the ouroboros and the dragon. The ouroboros represents the body, the terrestrial and material. The dragon, living in the sky, represents the mind, spirit and thought. Too many people live in one or the other, which is not ideal. Just as gold is equally important in its material state as in its immaterial, so is the existence and experience of human beings; there needs to be a balance.

In religious and sacred texts, the number 1000 has a significant importance, it can be read both literal or, as Jung says, ´an indefinite world period´[10].  It is believed that every 1000 years there will arrive a new mediator between god and man, the material and immaterial. Which indicates that every millennium there will be a change in the collective consciousness that will affect humanity in 1000 years to come. Tracking this back one can imagine a religious timeline:

——⊕ ca. 4000 BC ⇒ Neolithic structures appear on Earth, domes of worship

——⊕ ca. 3000 BC ⇒ The Egyptians paint murals depicting the Book of the Dead to help their people cross over to the other world

——⊕ ca 2000 BC ⇒ The creation myth of Enuma Elish and the epic tale of Gilgamesh arises is Mesopotamia

——⊕ ca 1000 BC ⇒ The Tora is written by the Jews, establishing the Old Testament

——⊕ ca 0 ⇒Jesus Christ is born spawning the New Testament and the completion of the Christian religion

——⊕ ca 1000 AD ⇒ Islam reaches its Golden Age

——⊕ ca 2000 AD ⇒ The GOLD-N R34LM is discovered



The end of the twentieth century sparked an array of worldwide fear and an increase in cultic behaviour. In the aftermath of the predicted doomsday of the Mayan calendar in 2012, an energy was detected by scientists in the field of string theory. It appeared to come from a parallel dimension, invisible to the bare eye, questioning the definition of existence. The dimension, which is being referred to as a universe of its own, was in 2013 coined the GOLD-N R34LM.

Figure 7: Placement of the GOLD-N R34LM seen from our universal perspective

Theories of its cosmogony are many and vary in credibility, however the most established one is based on the creation of gold. One does not know precisely what occurs in the death of a kilonova, but it is speculated that it may be capable of opening up dimensions.

The GOLD-N R34LMs core and sole existence appears to revolve around the essence of gold, with its life force being the worship of the precious metal in all its forms. A law of anti-rationality is followed, and seemingly the universe gets its narrative form sucking up knowledge from Earth, through known reality, imagination and thought. With a heavy concentration of what Freud called the ´three great pictures of the universe [developed by the human race]; animism, religion and science´[11], the R34LM refers to itself as a source/structure of mytheogion, where the distinct lines between mythology, theology, alchemy, religion and science is removed.

Figure 8: How the GOLD-N R34LM gets its narrative

Through recent investigations into the R34LM and its Theogony, it has been shown that the inhabitants [that are referred to as gods], interact with Earth through mediums of electricity and manifestations involving the human body by using aspects of the so-called Pillow Potential.[12]

To use the PP in the manifestation of the gods from the R34LM, the human must first acquire a gold triangular pillow with four equal sides [symbolizing the four elements and the cardinal points; N(orth), E(ast), W(est), S(outh)], followed by obtaining the appropriate representation in the form of garments and shiny objects[13]. The headgear is of highest importance as it has shown to act as the most crucial invocation tool. When the preparation is complete, the pillow should be placed on top of the invokers head, underneath the headpiece. The invocation and manifestation will then occur. Since the preparations of these manifestations are highly time consuming and the technology, in the means of communication with the R34LM, is in its infant stage, there have been very few successful attempts as of today. Nevertheless, scientists are positive that with the inevitable merge of ancient and modern knowledge, the future will be far more futuristic than foreseen, and the communication between humans and gods will become more frequent.

Figure 9: How the Pillow Potential is used to manifest the gods on Earth

Figure 10: A successful manifestation of the god ±33±

Existing on the edge of human consciousness, outside of the accepted norm of existence, the effects the R34LM will have on civilization is yet to be predicted but will be revealed in due time. However, it is inevitable and envisaged by both scientists and theologians that the discovery of the GOLD-N R34LM, its presence and influence, will not go unnoticed and soon be incorporated into our society.


Tulpamancy and the future of gold

 Let’s pause for a moment and reflect. What is it that makes the gods of the GOLD-N R34LM beings of higher consciousness? Since their knowledge is derived from our relationship to gold, civilization and history, clearly, we should be the ones superior to them. Studies into the ancient Tibetan phenomena of tulpas, aka thought-forms, have proven that human beings benefit from deities created by their own consciousness. The tulpamancer chooses the shape of the thought-form and its name, the tulpa is then formed through intense meditation and manifestation. Conversely, when the tulpa evolves it achieves its own consciousness. With the rise of internet culture, there has been a surge in the field of tulpamancy through online communities where tulpamancers converse and exchange the experiences of their tulpas. The outcome from the 2015 paper by Doctor Samuel Veissiére, entitled Varieties of tulpa experiences[14],show that tulpas help humans understand aspects of themselves which they are too blind to see. By giving into the idea of existence beyond our comprehension and our understanding of the structure of reality, we can open up the door to irrationality and move forward and being to understand our purpose and abilities.

So, how does one define such a universe as the GOLD-N R34LM? Is it a religion, belief system, a way of life, or is it simply a construction of the mind, a glitch in the matrix penetrating the holographic universe? Or an opposition to Way of the Future?

When Nietzsche proclaimed the death of God, and with it declared the death of Christianity, he insinuated that the only way to uphold morality and bring human consciousness to the next level, is to create a new religion, a Godhead. The leader of Way of the Future, Anthony Levandowski, states that the aim for his AI god is to create ´a peaceful and respectful transition of who is in charge of the planet from people to people + ¨machines¨.[15]  The ´body´ of the AI god will exist within all technology, utilising the internet as its sense organs and data centres as its brain. The god will see everything, hear everything, know everything and be everywhere at the same time, henceforth becoming the all-seeing eye.

Gold is embedded in our electronical devices and works as an excellent conductor of electricity. Meaning, the AI god requires gold to exist. In other words, Levandowski is exploiting the power of gold and hiding it in cables and hard drives, replacing the visual worship with a clandestine worship, invisible for the eye to see, a concealed force, divorcing the relationship between human beings and gold.

Golds journey and power would never be what it is today without its unity with humanity. In space it was born, to Earth it came, guiding civilisations through millennials, and with human curiosity it has returned to space in pursuit of answers, origin stories, the mysteries of our Universe and the search for extra-terrestrial life.

In 2018, NASA will launch GOLD, The Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk, to explore our near space environment in hopes of gaining knowledge and understanding of how to protect our assets in space and improve technological communication. There is no doubt that this mission will improve Earths interaction with The Golden Realm and continue our history in the name of gold.

Figure 11: NASAs GOLD instrument

In gold there is hope. An immortal piece of metal that will never dull, lose its purity, or seize to exist. The image of gold represents the utopia that human beings can never create and only dream of. Then again, what distinguishes a dream from reality? The road towards the state of gold continues.




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