2016 Melancholic Feast, Galleri Stabburet, Oslo, Norway

2016 The Big Weekend, performance festival, The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, UK

2015 BROADCAST pre launch perfomance night, Embassy Gallery/Bargain Spot, Edinburgh, UK

2015 Museum of an Imagined City, Soil Gallery, Seattle, WA, USA

2014 Exploit.zzxjoanw.Gen, Edinburgh, UK

2014 Everything, Glasgow Theosophical Society, Glasgow,UK

2014 Glasgow Open House Art Festival Fundraiser, The Old Hairdressers,
Glasgow, UK

2014 BYOB, The Whiskey Bond, Glasgow, UK

2013 Take Stock, Embassy, Edinburgh, UK

2013 Actions of Longevity, The Briggait, Glasgow, UK

2013 X/Y, CCA, Glasgow, UK

2013 Aleter-nation, Eastwood Park Gallery, Glasgow, UK

2012 Jimbo Crimbo, SWG3, Glasgow, UK

2012 Bodycount, The Glue Factory, Glasgow, UK

2012 The Sacred Quest, The Barnes Building, Glasgow, UK

2011 Art Noise, The Flying Duck, Glasgow, UK